Colorado Patio Concepts’ Deck and Patio Services

Metal Patio Cover Design & Build

Whether you have an existing concrete patio or are planning one, with a wide variety of patio cover products, we will work with you to incorporate a structure that meets your expectations for desired coverage, appearance and budget.

Deck Cover Design & Build Services

There are several factors when designing a cover for a deck such as functional post location, integration to existing rail and substructure, additional snow and wind loads, etc. that we will walk through with you when laying out a design.

Deck Design & Build Services

  • Wood Decks
  • Composite Decks
  • Metal Frame Decks (steel and aluminum)

Patio Cover Demolition & Repair

While we all enjoy it, the Colorado climate can wreak havoc on old patio covers and carports leading to unsafe, unattractive and failing structures.  We specialize in installing these types of structures and know how to properly and safely take them down without damaging the home or your patio.  With our extensive knowledge of various patio cover products and materials, we will work with you in repairing or replacing components of a damaged structure as well as bringing it up to current building code requirements.

Insurance Replacement

We regularly work with homeowners that have seen damage to an exterior structure such as hail damage and need to file an insurance claim for replacement.  We understand the insurance claim process and are happy to work closely with you and your representative in finding a resolution.